Project colab with @NatPixel and @PaulaCruz illustrations
Fem Power Box is a subscription brand of Brazilian accessories curated for people who identify themselves as women.

Through the development of the brand strategy, with market research and with a target audience, we understand that we would have to satisfy the emotional and rational needs of a group that sought practicality but also self-expression.
Fem Power Box is built on four pillars of passion, magnetism, power and freedom. A brand that contributes to the expression of people who identify themselves as women, encouraging them to seek their own identity.
It is a brand that is super intolerant of any kind of prejudice and it was through illustrations that it was possible to translate this concept: 4 characters with completely different aesthetics, ethnicity and behavior - but they all feel like women: regardless of their gender or sexual preference.
Fem Power Box believe in women who seek self-knowledge to liberate.

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